What is SCUBA diving?

We will try to answer this question in this website for you. Did you know that scuba diving is one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world today? Every year, millions of people go scuba diving, whether for a course, an introductory dive, or because they already have their diving license.

The Attraction?

Scuba diving is mainly done for the attraction of the unattainable undersea world. It is one area of nature that mankind has not been able to fully control, we simply are not able to breathe underwater. Hence, scuba diving gives us an opportunity to be in that underwater world, even if it is just for a limited amount of time.

Of course, the underwater world is beautiful as well, with many people opting for scuba diving in Asia or scuba diving in the Red Sea or the Great Barrier Reef, said to be some of the world’s best scuba diving locations. The different colors and marine wildlife are so impressive in all these locations that people find themselves returning over and over again.

We'll give you a chance to get more information about this beautiful scuba diving world!